Youth Talk Suicide Project

In May 2016, CAPS was successful in receiving a grant from the Amanda Flynn Foundation to further increase its current level of youth engagement and support through direct targeting of youth services in and around Brisbane. The goal of this project is to help build a stable support network to meet the practical and emotional needs of the individuals and work toward building resilience and hope for a bright future.

Our goal is to…

YTSP works to engage and collaborate with youth through schools, youth groups, community activities and through intiatives such as our Youth Advisory Group who help us to understand the challenges faced by youth today.

CAPS TALK SUICIDE Support Service for youth provides practical and emotional support to those 15 years and over at risk of suicide. Our focus with youth is on positive role modelling while helping them build skills and strategies to navigate life’s challenges.

We seek to increase the capacity and confidence of families, friends and those in support roles to recognise the signs of a person at risk of suicide and what they can do to help