Through the generosity of individuals, families who wish to remain anonymous and the organisations listed below, CAPS is able to continue their vital work supporting those at risk of suicide and their family and friends.

Trusts and Foundations

  • Roberts Family
  • Morgans Foundation
  • Crommelin Family Foundation
  • Duke Foundation
  • The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem Grand Priory of Australia


  • Moorooka Lions Club
  • Dormway Pty Ltd




  • P. & M. Annand
  • D. Mee
  • E. Annand & H. High
  • P. Lewis
  • B. Wallis
  • The Rae Family
  • A. Clouston
  • K.W. & E.M. Groves
  • T. Chan
  • R. McInnes
  • A. Killick
  • K. Amin
  • C. Skirving
  • D. Schwenke
  • C. Tattersall
  • S. Dorian-Still