A word from those we have helped…

An ecstatic mood

My daughter, Alice who lives  in Newcastle rang me about three weeks ago to say that the family of a good friend at Lismore was deeply concerned about one of their sons, john.

He had moved into deep depression, had dropped out of Uni, spent most of the time in his room and had expressed suicidal inclinations.

John had been in and out of various therapies but they were ineffective and I think he was really refusing to see them anymore as they did not seem to hep him. I asked CAPS if they would engage with John and his family and they agreed to do so.

Alice ran me just this last Saturday in an ecstatic mood as she had received reports through her friend that John’s condition had improved significantly since the CAPS’ intervention. The family was extremely grateful about the major turn-around in John’s condition and ascribe it to CAPS’ intervention.

I think this account demonstrates just how effective the CAPS’ model is. It also highlights how important it is to keep growing CAPS and the services that in can deliver.

Test Name

A Fortunate One

When one hears of a suicide a sense of regret immediately arises within, if only I could have talked to them, to say it’s okay it’ll be alright. I was lucky I had someone to talk to me, that person was Carla from CAPS. I’m so fortunate she was there for me or I may not be here by now to tell you of this. And how glad I’m to still be here!

R. Gold Coast

Encouragement and Hope

For the first time in my life, I no longer go the deep dark places that have always been a part of my life.

Thank you to Carla and CAPS for your support, encouragement and hope.

J. Sunshine Coast