Supporting clients or patients at risk of suicide can be difficult for even the most seasoned practitioner with pathways often leading to hospital. There is however an alternative for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts where threat is not imminent.

CAPS TALK SUICIDE Support Service (TSSS) provides non-clinical care and support to individuals at risk of suicide and their families and friends. TSSS provides a person-centred, non-clinical response to suicide. Experienced Suicide Prevention Support Workers invest time, coordinate wrap-around care, and provide ongoing support as long as is necessary for well-being to improve.

CAPS work with health and community workers to ensure that their clients receive comprehensive wrap around support in dealing with the suicidal thoughts and/or behaviours. We often do this by working collaboratively with general practitioners, psychologists and community support organisations to work toward addressing the needs of the individual.

For more information about how we can support you in supporting your clients phone 1800 008 255 or alternately, if you wish to make a referral to our service with your clients consent, click on the link below.

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Please note that CAPS Talk Suicide Support Service is not a crisis response service and does not operate 24hrs. Please refer to our helpful links page for information on alternative crisis supports.