How we work with Families, Friends and Carers…

It can be difficult to understand how and why someone would consider suicide an option unless we have walked in those shoes ourselves. This is because Suicide is individual in that the reasons one person may consider suicide an option will be entirely different from another.

Being close to someone who feels suicidal or who has attempted suicide can take a lot of time and emotional energy. It is common for families, friends and carers to feel a sense of burden, guilty or frustration when offering support to someone who feels suicidal. It is important to remember that these are natural responses to a difficult and stressful situation.

TSSS for Carers works to help family members, friends and carers gain the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to support their loved one. In addition we work to ensuring that they themselves practice self-care as being in such a demanding support role can be very difficult.

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