With suicide taking more lives than road accidents and on average 6 deaths by suicide happening every day in Australia, it is likely that many of your employees will know someone who has taken their own life.

CAPS is seeking corporate partners (small, medium and large) to work with us collaboratively to address the issue of suicide within their businesses and the wider community.

There are many ways in which your business, be it big or small, can partner with CAPS. Through a customised partnership that meets your specific objectives, you will not only be able to enjoy a range of strategic and commercial benefits for your business, but importantly help us continue our work in supporting those at risk.

Depending on what you want to achieve, the type of partnership, and how you choose to implement it, a partnership with CAPS can bring a range of benefits including:

  • increased brand equity and credibility
  • positive media and PR coverage, with positive brand positioning to key audiences
  • the ability to execute cut through marketing by a demonstrated point of difference
  • increased sales and market share
  • increased employee engagement through recruitment and retention, team morale, and health and wellbeing
  • enhanced customer relationships and community engagement
  • demonstrated leadership in corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices, that enhances relationships.

Some of the ways your business can get involved with CAPS include:

Employee Engagement
 Employees can become involved with CAPS in various ways including team fundraising initiatives (link to fundraising page), Workplace Giving (link to workplace giving page), and volunteering (link to volunteering page).

CAPS offers many ways to sponsor specific events, campaigns and programs. Your business will be given a range of tailored benefits and recognition to meet your specific sponsorship objectives.

Goods and Services
 CAPS relies on the generous contributions of companies who give their time, goods and services to help us continue the work we do with those at risk and their families and friends. Be it professional services to ensure campaigns are successful or donations for raffles and auctions at events, CAPS is extremely grateful to all companies and employees who help to ensure every event and campaign is a success.

Cause-related marketing
 Aligning your marketing campaigns with CAPS cause can lead to improved brand recognition and increased sales, whilst raising awareness of an issue that exists in our community.


For more information about Corporate Partnerships with CAPS,
please contact us on 1800 008 255 or
email us on admin@caps.org.au