-Changing Lives Since 2007-

Guided by lived experience at both Governance and Services levels CAPS specialises in delivering services and programs to raise awareness of suicide in our communities through individualised coaching, mentoring, training and education.

CAPS specialises in providing care and support to those at risk of suicide aged 15 years and over and their support networks. CAPS face-to-face outreach support service is delivered throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas, and extends its reach throughout Queensland via telephone, web chat, and video platforms. Qualified Counsellors,

CAPS secret ingredient is active collaboration. CAPS collaborate with community service providers, hospital and health services, medical professionals and various members of the community to provide comprehensive wrap around care and support for those at risk of suicide and their support networks.

Who we are…

Community Action for the Prevention of Suicide (CAPS) is a not-for-profit community organisation that has been transforming the lives of people at risk of suicide.

CAPS consists of a group of dedicated individuals who have been touched by suicide in various ways. It is a tragedy that affects many.

With limited financial resources to date, the TALK SUICIDE Support Service has supported well over five hundred people by providing a way forward and hope for the future for many individuals at risk of suicide, and their families.

Our Vision

Supported Communities

We hope for a world in which human potential is no longer wasted due to suicide and communities are able to provide adequate support systems and treatment to those with suicidal ideation.


Our Mission

Awareness, Education and Support

Our aim is to reduce the prevalence of suicide in communities by offering programs and services that educate, raise awareness and above all provide emotional and practical support to those at risk of suicide and their family and friends.

Our goal is to help individuals find strength in their ability to cope, to improve their emotional well-being and build resilience in order to manage the challenges that life presents.


Our Values

Care without constraints

Compassion for others

Openness without judgment

Collaboration to find strength in numbers

Innovation in how we provide support

Excellence in providing services to highest of standards

Integrity in all we do


Our Objectives:

  1. Provide programs and services that provide support, educate and raise awareness
  2. Provide emotional and practical support to those at risk of suicide, their family and friends in order to reduce risk factors, enhance protective factors and to reduce the pressure often associated with suicidal ideation and behavior
  3. Implement researched and evaluated suicide prevention education and training programs to the greater community in order to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to enable them to support someone at risk of suicide
  4. Raise awareness of the prevalence of suicide throughout communities and de-stigmatise the issue of suicide through appropriate and responsible media communication
  5. Provide a collaborative response to suicide prevention and intervention
  6. Link people with services and supports to meet their needs
  7. Build relationship with stakeholders within the community to create a network of support for those at risk
  8. Provide services that are delivered effectively, efficiently and conform to ethical and legal requirements